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Welcome to Tixo.Org -- the first (and only?) site dedicated only to the people, places and ideas surrounding the TX-0, one of the first transistor based computers constructed.

I would like to get in touch with people who have worked with the TX-0 at one point or another, and to learn more about the technology used in the design. It would also be nice with more pictures of the TX-0, so do send whatever you have this way!

Information on this web site has been taken from the book "Hackers" by Steven Levy and through personal discussions with Alan Kotok, David Gross, Bob Saunders and Bill Daly. Much is also from Al Kossow who runs Bitsavers.

There's a lof of information in Bitsavers bits directory and Bitsavers pdf directory relating to the TX-0 which needs to be taken care of (collected, indexed, referenced).